Muki Haklay
Senior Lecturer in GIS, department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, UCL. See for further details.

Claire Ellul

Currently a lecturer in Geographic Information Science, formerly a GIS consultant and once-upon-a-time an Electrical Engineer.   My research interests include the management of spatial data in research projects, metadata (information which describes the quality of spatial data), spatial databases and three-dimensional systems.

I am also the Chief Technical Officer of Mapping for Change where I manage the team responsible for developing the Community Maps website.

Louise Francis
Co-Founder and CEO of Mapping for Change. With an academic background in Environmental Science and Molecular Systematics, and over ten years’ experience working with communities and grass-roots organisations in the UK and throughout the Eastern Caribbean, my area of expertise lies in the delivery of participatory mapping and citizen science activities with a  particular focus on environmental justice, sustainability and community development.

Christian Nold
Artist, designer and researcher working to develop new participatory models and technologies for communal representation. In 2001 he wrote the book “Mobile Vulgus,” which examined the psychosomatic history of the political crowd. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2004, Nold has led many large-scale participatory mapping projects. In particular his “Bio Mapping” projects have been staged in many countries with thousands of participants. For the last eight years, Nold has been developing a tool-kit of technologies that blend together human and non-human sensors for local governance. In 2010, Nold launched an experimental currency, the “Bijlmer Euro,” which allows people to follow where their money moves. In 2011 he published the book, “The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World”, co-written with Rob van Kranenburg. He is currently researching a PhD in the Extreme Citizen Science group at UCl.


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