Vittorio Loreto

Prof. Vittorio Loreto ( Project Coordinator) got his Ph.D. in Physics at “La Sapienza” University and spent a few years in France at the Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles. In 1999 he joined back the Physics Dept. of “La Sapienza” University as a researcher and in 2004 he got the habilitation as Associate Professor. His scientific activity is mainly focused on the Statistical Mechanics of non equilibrium systems as well as statistical physics of scale-invariance and complex systems. In the last few years he has been active in the fields of granular media, complexity and information theory, networks, language evolution.

Stefano Ingarra
Stefano Ingarra received the Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2007 from Università di Palermo and the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2010 from Politecnico di Torino. Interested in multidisciplinary projects (ICT for biomedicine, energy, environment, ...), he currently works for ISI in close collaboration with CSP for the EveryAware  project.

Francesca Tria
Francesca Tria PhD (ISI Foundation), is a researcher at the Complex Systems Lagrange Lab of the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Turin. She got her degree in physics at Sapienza University of Rome and her PhD in physics at the University of Naples. She spent two years as a post-doc at the ICTP Institute in Trieste after which she moved to the ISI foundation in Turin where two years ago she joined the Information Dynamics group. Her background is in the physics of spin glasses and complex systems. She is now focusing on two principal research lines: (i) phylogeny and evolution with applications in biology and linguistics; (ii) statistical physics of language and social dynamics.

Alina Sîrbu
I received a PhD in Computer Science (Computational Biology) from Dublin City University, and I am holding a BSc. degree from the Faculty of Computer Science, 'A.I.Cuza' University in Iasi, Romania. My main research interests are complex systems modelling, machine learning, data analysis, evolutionary computation, concurrent programming.


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