The AirProbe International Challenge (APIC) is going to start in a few weeks in the cities of ANTWERP, KASSEL, LONDON and TURIN. In order to join the challenge in one of these cities, you can apply to become an Air Ambassador and measure air pollution levels using a sensor-box designed for this purpose. Alternatively, you may join the AirProbe web-game as an Air Guardian of your city and help to identify air pollution levels across it.

The most active participants, and those with the most accurate estimations, will win t-shirts, backpacks and technological gadgets, including the sensor-box itself. By joining the APIC you will contribute to improving citizen’s awareness on environmental issues. This will hopefully lead to the best of prize: cleaner air to breath for everyone.




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Vittorio Loreto will give a speech on “Environmental awareness and learning: a race against time” at the 14th Swiss Global Change Day, Bern, April the 16th 2013.



The Knowledge & Data Engineering Group of the University of Kassel will host the next EveryAware meeting.
The meeting will start from Wednesday 20th March and will finish on Friday 22nd March.
The main topics will be the state of development of the project and the path for the next year and the planning of the next case studies.
Stay tuned for more info!


Joe's City Race Image

The game, developed on the XTribe platform, is the virtual counterpart of the EveryAware project. It allows you to see on a map information about traffic, your task being to draw a driving route between two points, trying to optimise both distance and time (traffic exposure).

The game is currently set in Turin, Rome, London and Dublin. By playing it, you can discover the traffic map of your city and alternative routes you were not aware of. Additionally, your response to traffic will be helping us gain insights on human behaviour and impact of exposure to environmental information. There are two versions of the game, single-player, where you compete against the Google Directions engine, and two-player, where you can play with a friend. Defeating your adversary can be a very difficult and engaging task. You can post your score to your Facebook timeline, to show your friends how well you’ve done, and engage them in an activity which is both fun and useful for research.

Check it out now, and don’t forget to ‘like’ and share our Facebook pages: Joe’s City Race Solo app and page, Joe’s City Race Duo app and page.

Enjoy and good luck!

Soon to come: Joe’s City Race with pollution maps, helping you find the walking route which is best for your health.



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