Mapping for Change specialises in work on involving local commu- nities in changing, developing or sustaining their environment and in helping them make the links between their local problems and bigger national and global issues through the application of mapping.

Based on UCL experience from over a decade of working with community groups on environmental issues, one of the most time consuming elements in this type of project is the recruitment of individuals and communities with the interest and motivation to participate in the sensor experiment processes for the entire eight weeks of the project. Of fundamental importance here is the ongoing engagement of participants with the project and dissemination of the results back to the community and individuals.

Participant recruitment is a crucial aspect of the EveryAware proposal, and collaboration with Mapping for Change will enable the engagement of participants across London and allow the project to tap into their extended European network. This network will also be of great relevance for the dissemination of the results of the project.


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