CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT is a research body focused on experimental development and industrial research according to European R&D legislation. Its mission consists in applying scientific and technological research in order to develop the innovation potential locally as well as for business and Public Administrations. Focusing moreover on innovation and technology transfer working closely with local universities, CSP’s mission is applied to different and original environments.

  • Development of innovative programs and projects where Information and Communication Technologies are “applied” to practical use in Living Labs: real local users in real life environments together with researchers, firms and public institutions look together for new solutions, new products, new services or new business.
  • Technology transfer for Public Administrations concerning emerging technologies and more recently dig- ital convergence.
  • Creating new stable relationships and synergy with the academic world for exchanging knowledge and mutual experience through setting up permanent, technological and application labs.

CSP’s R&D area investigates and studies basic infrastructure and application technologies as well as the new processes made practicable by their use. It also acts as an incubator for “applying research” in the strict sense as, thanks to thematic labs, the scientific and technical bases of emerging technologies can be understood and practical activities can take place that are adapted to real scenarios based on current “case studies” and near future predictions. Management oversees the following three R&D areas.

  • Communication Networks area: it deals with the convergence of the next generation networks. Main top- ics are Ad-Hoc Networking, C2C/C2I Communication, Cognitive and Software Defined Radio, Broadband Wireless Access.
  • User and Embedded Systems area: it deals with networks, architectures and applications for Digital Terrestrial Television (keyword are MHP/STB, DVB-T/H, HDTV, IPTV, P2P Broadcasting, Digital Radio Mondiale), and with embedded systems, micro systems and user equipment belonging to the consumer electronics family (topics are Media Systems/Domo, Embedded and Micro Electro Mechanical System, PIC Systems, Digital Radio).
  • Application-oriented Architectures and SW Platforms area: it deals with web technologies and IT se- curity. Main topics are Human Computer Interface (i.e. Multi-touch and surface computing systems), Digital libraries, GRID, Application architectures and Watermarking techniques, Digital Identity, Digital Right Management systems.

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