ISI will sub-contract to CSP the design and the implementation of main components of EveryAware platform. CSP main tasks will be focused on the interconnection between sensors and smart phone platform and on the implementation of application to handle the data collection and visualisation and the communication with the backend.

UCL will sub-contract elements of the recruitment and management of individual and group participants to Mapping for Change.

  • CNR Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC)

    CNR-ISC is the largest Institute for Complex Systems in Europe. It is part of CNR, the major public research institution in Italy, and was founded in 2004 specifically to deal with the physics of complex systems with highly qualified person- nel consisting of physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists engaged in a continuous […]


    CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT

    CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT is a research body focused on experimental development and industrial research according to European R&D legislation. Its mission consists in applying scientific and technological research in order to develop the innovation potential locally as well as for business and Public Administrations. Focusing moreover on innovation and technology […]

    Mapping for a Change

    Mapping for Change specialises in work on involving local commu- nities in changing, developing or sustaining their environment and in helping them make the links between their local problems and bigger national and global issues through the application of mapping.

    Based on UCL experience from over a decade of working […]


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