PHYS-SAPIENZA is one of the largest physics departments in Italy. It includes more than 250 scientists, among professors and researchers, and more than 66 research groups with topics ranging from high-energy physics to condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics and astrophysics. The PHYS-SAPIENZA team participating to the consortium is composed by a world-level research group in the whole area of statistical physics, information theory and complex systems. Traditionally the activity of this group has been focused on several main topics: frustrated and glassy systems, granular media, fractal growth, dynamical systems, superconductivity.
In addition in the last few years several new projects have been launched among which: agent-based modeling in linguistics; information theory applied to time-series analysis, linguistics and genomics; theory of complex networks in technological, social and biological or bio-inspired systems; study of folksonomies; assimilation dynamics in social systems; econophysics.
PHYS-SAPIENZA team brings into the consortium its research experience on:

  1. developing new theoretical tools to collect and analyse data;
  2. introducing and studying suitable modelling for complex system in order to understand the role and the importance of the different factors in a system of interacting agents;
  3. constructing theoretical approaches providing different levels of abstraction and a feedback for new experiments and studies.

PHYS-SAPIENZA team was the coordinating team of the EU project TAGora (IST-34721) aimed at the study of the collaborative character underlying Web 2.0 by putting it in the spotlight of complex systems science.


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