L3S Research Center focuses on innovative and cutting-edge methods and technologies for three key enablers for the European Information Society, namely Knowledge, Information and Learning. L3S projects focus on digital resources and their technological underpinnings (semantic web, digital libraries, distributed systems, networks and grids), as well as the use of these resources in eLearning and eScience contexts. The institute’s research has achieved high recognition both in Germany and abroad, and its level of third-party funding is on a par with Fraunhofer computer science and engineering institutes. Today, over 60 researchers work at the L3S. They are organised in working groups in Hannover, Braunschweig, Kassel, and Würzburg. L3S is formally part of the University of Hannover. Research within EveryAware will be performed by the Knowledge & Data Engineering Group in Kassel and the Business Intelligence Group at Würzburg. These two subgroups are tightly cooperating, with weekly physical meetings.

The Knowledge & Data Engineering group at Kassel focuses on knowledge engineering, in particular on discov- ering and structuring knowledge, derivation of new knowledge, and communication of the knowledge. The re- search unit in particular deals with the development of methods and techniques at the junctions of the research areas Web Science, Web 2.0, Knowledge Discovery, Information Retrieval, Ontologies/Metadata, Semantic Web in order to reach synergies. The group is active in several national and European projects, including the European project “TAGora – Emergent Semiotics in Social Online Communities”, as well as “VENUS – Design of Socio-Technical Networks in Situative, Ubiquituous Systems”, a project of the Hessian state initiative on fos- tering scientific and economic excellency. The Business Intelligence Group at Würzburg started in April 2009 as an “academic spin-off” of the Kassel group. Its focus is on the edge of the three research areas Web 2.0, Data Mining and Semantic Web. It is especially interested in the combination of methods in these three areas. The goal is to utilise and to refine Data Mining methods bridging the gap between Web 2.0 and Semantic Web. The newly founded group is still actively involved in projects of the Knowledge & Data Engineering group of Kassel.


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