The partners in EveryAware come from four different complementary areas that are all directly relevant to achieve the objectives of the project.
There are two complex systems oriented partners (ISI and PHYS-SAPIENZA). They will be concerned with analyzing and modeling the Social Dynamics that this project will generate and solving fundamental problems in the aggregation of massive noisy quantitative and qualitative data.
One partner is an important player in the domain of environmental monitoring and modelling (VITO), i.e. sensing and modelling air quality.
Then there is a partner coming from the domain of the social sciences (UCL), with specialised expertise in community building through the use of Geographic Information Systems.
Finally, EveryAware enjoys the presence of a strong Computer Science partner (LUH) with a track record in research excellence and in pushing the state of the art in future and emerging technologies in several relevant domains: Web Science, Data Mining, Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Social Network Analysis.
The consortium is therefore strong and well balanced, spanning the full disciplinary range from complex systems science to environmental modelling and future and emerging ICT technologies, bringing together social sciences, mathematics and the physical sciences, and information technologies.

  • Fondazione ISI, Turin, Italy

    The ISI Foundation is a private research institution located in Turin, Italy. It is founded and supported by the Regional Government, the Province and City of Turin, and by the two major Bank In- stitutions in Piedmont: Compagnia di San Paolo and CRT Foundation. Its mission focuses on promoting scientific interchange


    Sapienza Università di Roma – Physics Department, Rome, Italy

    PHYS-SAPIENZA is one of the largest physics departments in Italy. It includes more than 250 scientists, among professors and researchers, and more than 66 research groups with topics ranging from high-energy physics to condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics and astrophysics. The PHYS-SAPIENZA team participating to the consortium is composed by a world-level research […]

    VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research), Antwerp, Belgium

    With approximately 500 researchers and supporting staff, VITO is the largest Belgian research institution active in the fields of energy, environment and materials. VITO has a thirty years history in air quality measurements and modelling. In recent years a lot of attention is going to urban air quality. Air quality measurement […]

    University College London, Chorley Institute, London, UK

    UCL’s Geographical Information Science (GIScience) research group is one of the strongest in Europe, en- compassing the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), the Jill Dando Institute for Crime Science and fundamental research topics such as ontologies, spatio-temporal data mining and usability in the GIScience group of the department of Civil, Environmental […]

    L3S Research Center, Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany

    L3S Research Center focuses on innovative and cutting-edge methods and technologies for three key enablers for the European Information Society, namely Knowledge, Information and Learning. L3S projects focus on digital resources and their technological underpinnings (semantic web, digital libraries, distributed systems, networks and grids), as well as the use of these resources […]


    ISI will sub-contract to CSP the design and the implementation of main components of EveryAware platform. CSP main tasks will be focused on the interconnection between sensors and smart phone platform and on the implementation of application to handle the data collection and visualisation and the communication with the backend.

    UCL will sub-contract elements of […]

  • Sub-contractors:
    1. CNR Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC)

      CNR-ISC is the largest Institute for Complex Systems in Europe. It is part of CNR, the major public research institution in Italy, and was founded in 2004 specifically to deal with the physics of complex systems with highly qualified person- nel consisting of physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists engaged in a continuous […]

    2. CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT

      CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT is a research body focused on experimental development and industrial research according to European R&D legislation. Its mission consists in applying scientific and technological research in order to develop the innovation potential locally as well as for business and Public Administrations. Focusing moreover on innovation and technology […]

    3. Mapping for a Change

      Mapping for Change specialises in work on involving local commu- nities in changing, developing or sustaining their environment and in helping them make the links between their local problems and bigger national and global issues through the application of mapping.

      Based on UCL experience from over a decade of working […]


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