The EveryAware Project includes several case studies.



WideNoise LogoHere you can find the page Widenoise, the app developed to monitor and investigate the noise thanks to an app for mobile phones. The app is freely available both for Apple and Android users. Furthermore, you can register yourselves on the website to explore the noise pollution map and to register in order to check data from your measurement and match them with the community data.


AirProbe_iconHere you can find a description of the system used to investigate toxic gas pollution. A portable device (SensorBox) can measure the presence of some toxic gasses with a few low cost sensors. Then, an Android smartphone can show the measurements in real time thanks to a dedicated app (AirProbe). The system is being tested at the moment but soon both the SensorBox and AirProbe will be available for volunteers.


And more case studies will be available soon. Keep following us.



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